Victoria Wears it Well

Mt Kisco Childcare Kid talks Fashion, Friends and Family

Victoria Wears it Well
Image Source - Rich Monetti
Interview with local third grader reveals her interests

Victoria showed up at the center today looking pretty stylin in the outfit pictured above. Black boots, skirt to match and in the pink on top, she took the nod from her mother this morning nonetheless. “You look adorable and cute,” Victoria relayed her mom’s approval. But despite the flash she so effortlessly sported, Victoria knows that being practical sets a fashion sense apart.

“If you’re going somewhere fun, you have to wear something fun. If you’re on a sleep over, you wear something that is cozy, and if you go on a playdate, you wear something that lets you play,” says Victoria.

Of course, Victoria can easily spot a get up that’s a little stale and stuck in the past. “That…noooo,” she relegated my blue flannel shirt, beat up sneakers and dated dockers with a knowing look and playful inflection. 

The slight definitely gets a pass as long as she is all about finishing off the bumps and sets that come her way at Volleyball practice.  “I’m learning how to spike,” she rises to the occasion.

On the way down, Victoria sets her sights high off the hard wood too.

“Gymnastics makes you feel like a bird,” she asserts.

Free as one still doesn’t quite say it on the flip side. “Magical,” she describes all the turns and flying twists she does in practice or in the basement.

There’s no tumult, though, when it comes to her best friend Sienna who she met at the center as an infant. “She makes me laugh, and if I’m sad, she makes me happy,” says the third grader.

That’s even the case when it’s 4 O’Clock in the morning, and the sun is coming up. “We stay up that late on sleepovers,” Victoria revealed.

Dresses, dolls, gymnastics and friends surely get themselves on the docket but boys - probably not. “Oh Yes,” Victoria’s eyes lights up and leave no doubt.

A little dimmer the twinkle when the conversation turns to her brother Matthew but still plenty bright. “He’s a very nice boy,” she says proudly.

The kindness and caring apparently goes a long enough way for Victoria to overlook Matthew’s snipes and snails and puppy dog tails.  “He tackles me,” she expresses little concern.

Up the hall, Dad’s rough and tumble is more agreeable. “He throws me on the couch, flips me upside down and calls me a monkey,” Victoria chirps with a smile.

But Dad isn’t the only one who provides a soft landing.  “My mom gives me a lot of hugs and kisses and protects me,” Victoria is certain.

Providing plenty of cover, Victoria wears it well - no matter the outfit.

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