10 Dress Shoes for Men to Try Once in a Life

Dress Shoes for Men to Try with Every Outfit

10 Dress Shoes for Men to Try Once in a Life
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Shoes are an essential item in our wardrobe. Dress shoes being the best and complex level in the shoe hierarchy, I would like to share the varieties of dress shoes you can wear on different occasions.

Appearance has never been a concern for men, all he cared about was having a good personality and height. But Dr Phillippa Diedrichs, from the centre of appearance research at the University of the West of England said that body image is a concern among men, sometimes as much as women. 

Talking about appearance and personality, our footwear has been a crucial part of the wardrobe. If you have noticed, you should have seen how a shoe can make or break a person's style. Talking about appearance and personality, our footwear has been a crucial part of the wardrobe. If you have noticed, you should have seen how a shoe can make or break a person's style.

Hence, here's is the list of the most common dress shoes every man should wear, and rock in every outfit with it.

Best Dress Shoes for Men

Moccasins or Driving Shoes

Many get confused between moccasins and loafers. Though they look same and are slip-on some differences are there. One major difference is that loafers don't have laces but moccasins have decorative laces.

Other differences are; Moccasins having structures sole and made of suede and other materials, whereas loafers are flat and only made of leather only. Moccasins are preferred outdoor and with casual clothes.


It's a lace-less slip-on shoe, usually worn to chill out with buddies in the afternoon or evening. It's not at all formal but, some guys can pull it off very nicely. But it is strictly a no-no for meetings. Worn with half pant or chino, you can rock in style.

Dress Boots

Worn in rough weather and outdoor activities. Built like a dress shoe but covers upper ankle for support for physical movements. It was popular in the Victorian era when shoes were preferred by women and men wore boots.

Monk Strap

A shoe with a closed buckle and strap instead of lace. Also known as Monk shoe and most advanced dress shoe (don't know why). It is less formal but more or less like the derby. It has a cap toe and sometimes also seen in suede.
You can wear it in an informal party or semi-formal official occasions.

Chelsea Boots

Ankle-high boots with elastic side panel with a close-fitting shape. A perfect outdoor boot to hang out with friends or colleagues. This boot style was popular in the 1960s and then popularised by 'The Beatles' boy band.

A similar type of riding boot called jodhpur boots originated in India (of local polo riders) as well as  Australian work boots having steel toes were there.


Modern brogues originated in Ireland that was constructed using untanned hide. Brogue is a style of low-heeled shoe or boot made by multiple-piece of sturdy leather uppers with a design. Traditionally known as outdoor footwear and now worn indoors and to office as well.

Derby and Bluchers

Both are open lace shoes, indicating lack of formal attire but still preferred by some as office wear. Both show almost same features and are sometimes referred as one.


Also called as seamless wholecut as it is made up of a single piece of leather and the back-seam is not there. No decoration or artwork on it and stands out in simplicity. It's for people who just need a clean and smooth formal footwear.

Oxford Black

First appeared in Scotland and Ireland also known as balmorals is strictly a formal shoe and preferred pairing with a well-knitted dress suit. The closed lacing is the indication of a formal oxford shoe. 

Oxford Brown/Oxblood

Apart from just black formals, you wear almost every other plain formal shirts. Brown and oxblood colour will nicely pair with dark navy, Grey and all the colours you can match. 

So, these are the best dress shoes you can wear to show your flawless fashion to the world. Paired with the right suit you can shine on any occasion.

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