The joy of Long Hair - A woman's glory

Hair is a beauty asset and the longer and thicker the better.

The joy of Long Hair - A woman's glory
Image Source - personal photograph of myself and my short hair.
We all love and admire beautiful long hair but getting it to any length takes time and effort and in many cases the right circumstances are necessary too.

I have always longed for long hair. I am a shorted haired person who is always being tempted to grow it.  As a child I pleaded for plaits but my mother never let them cross over more than three times and then it was back to the hairdressers for my usual simple bob. It never grew long and when I was old enough to let it grow there were other considerations.  I was secretary to a solicitor, all the girls in the office were neat and tidy.   We were required to look smart and be smart.  Some had long hair but they must have grown it long before they took the job because the untidy stage had passed into the smooth and elegant style that suited a legal secretary.

The first thing I notice about anyone is their hair, male or female it doesn’t matter.  I love little girls with long hair, it is tempting to run my hands through it if they are family friends, silky soft and absolutely natural, no mousse or hair spray.  I have to admit I do the same with long haired cats!  They are not always quite so uncomplaining unfortunately. 

I married a man who liked tidy hair, I should have taken a rain check on that.  He shared my mother’s taste and in many ways her power.  I wanted to please him in the same way as I wamted to please my mother.  So no fuss, just a visit to the hairdresser to keep the status quo.  My hair remained short except for an occasional lapse when its wildness only confirmed  the  accepted  opinion that long hair did not suit me.

I’m now at the stage when I can choose to wear purple, as the poem goes, but the problem is that my  hair is not brown any more, it isn’t purple either, it is grey.  Long grey hair does not look so good neither is it so thick....So here I am with my hair neither long, nor short, just a tad untidy and likely to get worse.   Decision time is looming once again. To grow or not to grow, that is the question.


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