How to Match Your Pants/Trousers/Jeans with Your Shoes

How to Match Your Pants/Trousers/Jeans with Your Shoes

How to Match Your Pants/Trousers/Jeans with Your Shoes
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Matching your footwear with your jeans or pants is sometimes confusing and a time-consuming. Here is a way you can keep your style in check with the given strategy.

Let's start with the most common outdoor cloth you wear. Starting with the casual look, we can start with shorts.


Shorts, yes guys wear shorts for casual outdoor activities. So what is the footwear that matches with it?

Shorts can be matched with; Boat shoes, sneakers and plimsoll.

The above-mentioned footwears will give you a casual look and style for hanging out with friends.


This is the most used pair of clothing by everyone, from teenagers to guys with teenage kids.

The footwear you can pair with jeans is; tan buck, sneakers, blucher mocs or chelsea (suede).


You can wear chinos for a semi-formal occasion or for a formal one. It depends on how you style with your upper cloth.

Shoes that can be worn with chinos are; sneakers, camp moc, loafers and chukkas (suede).

Now comes the formal pants or trousers, whatever you call it. For a formal attire, the footwear is strictly confined to the dress code. 

Formal pants

First of all, none of the above-mentioned shoes can be worn with the formal pants.

For formal pants, you can wear long wings, wing tips, monk strap, plain toe blucher and wholecuts.

The colour of your shoes shouldn't be anything fancy. It should be either black, brown and other basic colours.

Finally, how can we leave our Indian Kurta Pyjama? 

Kurta Pyjama

First thing I want to say is what not to wear with kurta pyjama.

I have seen a lot of guys wearing sports shoes with kurta pyjama which is a no-no. It looks really odd when someone wears a sports shoes with a pyjama. Sports shoes can be worn with a kurta jean combination, but still, it's not a trend yet. 

The right footwear to wear with Kurta Pyjama is kolapuri chappals.

These are the shoes you can wear with different bottom wears.

Remember to match the colour of your footwear properly with your pants. It is good to wear chelsea and other boots for short guys, which will give others an illusion of increased height.

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