Emirati Muslim Girl makes it to International Fashion Show as Model

Breaking into Dubai Fashion World

Emirati Muslim Girl makes it to International Fashion Show as Model
Image Source - Instagram/@rafeeaalhajsi
In a conservative society, a girl has broken barriers and modeled in a fashion show in Dubai

Dubai and the UAE are unlike any other place in the Middle East. This is one of the best places for the flowering of fashion and arts. Exhibitions of painting and high flying fashion shows are held to make Dubai one of the contemporary top art and artistic places in the world. All credit to the ruler of Dubai to have brought this about. Visiting Dubai gives you an unreal feeling as one is witness to stupendous architectural marvels like the Burk Khalifa. Dubai also holds international fashion shows and girls and top models from London, Paris and New York adorn the catwalk.

The 2016 fashion show was held in Dubai.

There was a welcome change as a local Emirati girl  Rafeea Al Hajsi took part in the show. She is a girl from the UAE and she confessed that she had an uphill task to rise up in this profession. The event she took part was the "Arab Fashion week" which is into its 3rd year. Last year's edition had a new girl who was a local Emirati. The show lasted 5 days and attracted record crowds and visitors. It was also broadcast live all over the world.

She was lucky as she was spotted by Lebanese designer  Aiisha Ramadan. The designer offered to showcase Rafeea in her own catwalk show. Rafeea has large brown eyes with height and poise and it showed when she was awarded Arab Fashion weeks best-dressed model.

Rafeea has also taken to the ramp in France at the Paris fashion show and this can only be considered a feather in her cap. She has now established herself.and her distinction of being the first fashion model from the UAE is a record that will remain forever. Others will follow but the ice is broken by Rafeea.

Dubai is a place where talent is allowed to flower. From art, paintings, riding, golf and not forgetting cricket, Dubai is the IN place. Bollywood regularly comes to the UAE with extravaganzas that open the eyes of the world. Maybe it is the ElDorado, the lost city of gold and all credit to the ruler Shiekh Maktoum to have brought about this renaissance.

The Dubai international fashion will be held again in 2017 and once again a bevy of fashion designers and lovely girls will make Dubai their home for that show. Maybe taking inspiration from Rafeea another Emirati  girl will also emerge.


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