Why Amethyst Jewelry is popular with women

The popularity of Amethyst Jewelry

Over the years Amethyst jewelry has become exceedingly popular with women, the lines below explain why.

Every woman loves to adorn herself for an occasion. Jewelry that complements different styles and designs of dresses makes a woman look elegant. Most women find it difficult to aesthetically match jewelry with a variety of clothing styles. Amethyst jewelry has become popular with women because of the variety of designs and styles they are available in. Whether its earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets or rings this type off jewelry is available in intrinsic designs and patterns. Jewelers can experiment with different designs and cuts on amethyst gemstones which is which is why women prefer them over other expensive jewelry.

The primary hues amethysts occur in are purple and violet. Tones of red and blue also occur in accordance with the light source available in an area. Green quartz is also referred to as green amethyst.

As amethyst jewelry is fashionable, stylish and blends with different fashion trends it’s a craze among women. The availability of amethyst gemstones in abundance makes them relatively inexpensive. These gemstones are timeless and classy and can be worn for different occasions. In ancient times the Greeks used amethyst with the firm belief that it would prevent the individual using it from getting intoxicated. Even in modern times individuals associate the purple hues of amethyst gemstones with spiritual ability to transform ones inner self. Most individuals believe amethyst jewelry has the power to awaken the inner soul. Desire to transform into a new being is associated with natural hues of purple amethyst jewelry. Wearing various tones and hues of amethyst gemstones is believed to transform inner turmoil, negativity, escapism and alienated feelings into positive energy and reveal divine manifestations.

Amethyst gemstones are used to facilitate emotional calmness in individuals in time of meditation and prayer. This gemstone has metaphysical values that have been recognized by individuals and used in accordance with need. Apart from the several benefits amethyst gemstones possess, they are preferred by women as fashion accessories. Whatever the occasion, you can choose different forms of amethyst jewelry to look sophisticated and classy.  Unlike other forms of jewelry that divert focus from the outfit you wear, this type of jewelry aesthetically complements different types of attire. Amethyst jewelry with accents of diamond is loved by women as it looks sublime when worn on evening dresses, gowns or cocktail dresses.

Women love amethyst pendants and rings as they gel beautifully with other accessories adorned on the body. The craze for this form of jewelry is such that women are wearing different colored contact lenses to match them with amethyst gemstones, pendants, rings bracelets and earrings. Women that have burgundy and magenta colored color gowns prefer to wear amethyst jewelry sets as they make a stunning match. Teens love to sport a variety of amethyst gemstone bracelets with different dresses. These go exceedingly well with bright colored tops. Jewelry made of amethyst gemstones make ideal gifts for women. The price range of amethyst jewelry differs in accordance with the quality of gemstone and the intrinsic cuts, designs and patterns incorporated by the jeweler.

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