How to look stylish and gorgeous with trendy clothes during pregnancy

How to Look Stylish During Pregnancy

When you start expecting a baby, you are very happy about the new role of your life as a future mother but also somewhat depressed about how to go out in midst of a pregnancy maintaining the style statement which was intact for you few days ago. Well you do not have to sacrifice your stylish looks and trendy clothes for that nor have to empty bank balance, what you need is the right idea to maintain stylish looks during pregnancy. You can look at the models or Hollywood actresses for example, and how they maintained their style statement even during pregnancy. Some of them are Hollywood big names like Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Rachel Weisz and many more in the list of fashionable looks during pregnancy. Well gone are the days of dull and full sleeve loose frocks, now is the time of making a style statement even in fashion pregnant times with trendy and spicy flavored clothes. Here are some great ideas which will make you look like attractive during pregnancy and place you in the limelight as a gorgeous angel out of the blue.

  1. Right kind of lingerie matters: When you start expecting a baby, it is obvious that your bust-line will increase with time.

    So, go to a maternity store and choose the right kind of lingerie. Do not get a watch on your purse everytime as it will help you in the upcoming events. This is the most essential part because getting confident and comfortable from inside will make you more carefree and bold from outside.
  2. Your normal before pregnancy clothes are not outdated: Just because you are pregnant. Your clothes are not outdated. Wear your normal old blazers, oxfords and cardigans over an open carmisole or tank so that you feel comfortable and do not stretch out at times. If your clothes are too stretchy let them be, get hold of your tummy as a blessing and make it beautiful with the form fitting cloth pieces. But make sure they cover your belly.
  3. Look for clothes that are somewhat larger than your normal size: When you start feeling the pinch with time, you can opt for some clothings which are one or two inch larger than your normal waistband and over your bust, so that you look normal. Even after the baby is born, you will think of some elasticity in your body, for which this is a good option.
  4. Go for flat trendy shoes: Besides the stylish clothes during pregnancy, your walking comfortability as well as style matters. SO, high heels are not advised at all, as that will disbalance you easily and pose risk for you and your baby. Get a hold with stylish but trendy flat shoes that will make you look gorgeous and make you confident about your posture.
  5. Basic black colored outfits and printed ones look good: During pregnancy basic black color or printed innovative striped outfits look better than the dazzling ones. This has been proved several times and makes an impression of cool and soothing style statement to the audience.
  6. Gowns can be your pregnancy style statement: Gowns are the all-time choice of expecting mothers because of its comfortability in every condition and its potential to hide the baby bump every time. For a day out flowing gowns wit pinkish color variations look good, while basic colored silk gowns can be the choice for overnight parties. To get a more stylish look gowns can be used with stilettos with small heel or flat ballets. Sleeveless gowns can make you more sexy and hot during pregnancy.
  7. Indian salwar can make you traditionally beautiful: Salwars are traditional Indian outfits and can be worn for a change. These are trendy as well as comfortable and are best to get a baby bump flaunt outside. Salwar kurti with traditional flat shoes are the choice of Indian pregnant women.
  8. Maternity jeans can make you feel fashionable: Many women like to wear jeans, but during pregnancy they are afraid because it can make them uncomfortable and also the size is pretty annoying. Well make a note of the fact that maternity jeans are one of the stylish clothes during pregnancy. Choose denim jeans for it fits easily down the belly and looks awesome with any type of outfit. Bellabands can help the purpose at that period of pregnancy when you are stuck in the middle of your normal jeans and maternity jeans outfit.
  9. Tailoring and special occasion what to do: When you are planning for tailoring your clothes, drape style or box pleat panels. Also in special occasions, a loose draped gown in Lycra makes you look the limelight of the party. Soft silk and mul fabrics are the best in seasonal outfit approach as they make you feel comfortable and light, so make your plan of tailoring keeping these points in view with a special eye on special occasion outfits.
  10. Colors to experiment with during pregnancy: Pregnancy is the best time to experiment with colors. When choosing striped or cheeky patterns, note that they do not stretch over your belly, as that can make things look not so good. Keep them up to the normal body parts and you can flaunt of your stylish patterns. Light colored jackets with dark separates look professionally cool. Also the basic black color makes the bump look smaller and hides any oversized pattern in your body. Colored trendy pregnancy bands look good on your waist, just not to add color to your outfit but also to make heads turn towards you. Colored cotton vest are preferable as they can fit with your favorite jeans and bands even after pregnancy.

So, there are no more worries for how to look stylish during pregnancy, because this is the style statement of fashion pregnant. Always make your tummy flaunt as a style statement and watch the limelight over you. Just do not wait for your turn, get going through stylish clothes hanging there in the outfit stores for you. Also remember to pamper, rejuvenate and nourish yourself during pregnancy as you are not the only one who needs attention, but your baby who needs your attention.

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