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Inspired by the jewelry manufacturing and wholesale hub of the world, the 47th street, was established in 1995 to provide largest selections of fine jewelry online. Finejewelers specializes on providing an extensive range of various preset diamonds and jewelry pieces, materials, and styles made by the most reputable jewelry manufacturers worldwide including those designed by prominent jewelry designers such as Benchmark, Carlo Viani, Chisel, Disney fine jewelry, Ed Hardy, Effy, Hershey's, Inory, Karina Bridal Couture, Mother and Child, Green Earth, SilveRado, Reflections, Stark, Black White, Versil, White Ice, Zable, and Zoe R. ensuring that all products being sold in their stores are designed with the highest quality and authentic details. Finejewelers offer a lifetime warranty, free jewelry cleaning services, and free gift wrapping with gift card. Their website offers a comprehensive and organized presentation of items including details of shipping. Customers can also register on their website to get more great discounts and updates on their latest items.

The huge selection of jewelry includes the following:

92.5 Sterling Silver
Ankle Bracelet
Anniversary Band
Body Jewelry
Children's Jewelry
Designer Jewelry
Engagement Rings
Eternity Bands
Family Jewelry
Jewelry Sets
Men’s Jewelry
Wedding Bands
Wedding Sets
Clearance Section

FineJewelers: What Makes It Different?

Having a huge assortment of styles and materials available, Finejewelers definitely offers shoppers many choices.

But there are more reasons why they stand out from the rest of the jewelry stores around.

Certifications: is certified by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee and is backed up by the BBB reliability program.

Special Features: Finejewelers has two most outstanding features that their various clients have commended through time. These are the clearance and designer sections. The clearance section has several very nice deals on various selections of jewelry and sets. The assortment of designers linked with at Finejewelers.coms is also quite impressive, mainly catering to the mid-market with some more upscale selections such as Carlo Viani are also available.

Warranty: All jewelry products come with a lifetime warranty together with a personal certificate and free cleaning services.

Discounted Prices: is also recognized for its great discounts in a wide selection of pieces from many categories. Each week, their site features a selection of discounted items.

Excellent Customer Service: Customer service provided by Finejewelers is exceptional and personalized as testified by a number of satisfied clients.

Affiliate Program: is offering an affiliate program through Commission Junction giving their affiliates a commission rate of 10% on all jewelry sales paid by check or direct deposit.

FineJewelers vs. Bijuju vs.

Bijuju is another online jewelry store which was established in 2004 with sales outlets in Carolina. Aside from their jewelry and accessories line, they also have a colletion of bridal wear, fashion accessories and handbags. Bijuju has a loyalty program that allows customers to earn points which they can accumulate through time and can be used to get discounts on their future purchases. The jewelry items consist mainly of fashion jewelry. They don’t carry diamonds and precious gems on their inventory. Their store offers lower-priced products for those who still wish to wear jewelry simply for day-to-day wear or for a single event where you need to sparkle without having to spend your whole savings for a piece of jewelry.

The Standard Shipping and Handling Rate starts at 1.95. is a site that sells jewelry plus offers advice on fashion, gemology, and celebrity styles combined in one place providing customers not only a list of merchandise but also advice and shopping tips on all types of jewelry. They have a jewelry directory and review listing. The items for sale are at prices ranging from $35 to $3,500. offers free shipping on all orders.

Although the three sites all offer jewelry products as their main merchandise they vary slightly in some aspects.

Of the three companies, only Bijuju has a bridal line of products. offers the most tips and information on fashion and jewelry. In terms of jewelry products, Finejewelry has the widest selection of the three.

Memberships are offered on all three sites. The membership fee for Bijuju is $79 per year or $7 per month which helps save members a fraction of the shipping costs. Finejewelers has an optional mailing list wherein members can subscribe to and be rewarded with discount coupons. does not have membership or subscription offers offers on their site.

Both Finejewelers and has a 30-day return policy. Bijiju does not state any return policy anywhere in their website.

Pros and Cons


Of the three companies, Finejewelers has the most number of items and widest classification of jewelry offered. Customers will find it easy to know about the details and price of each product simply by toggling on the image unlike with other sites wherein you still have to click and wait for the page to load. Their site is the most customer friendly, offering lots of options for savings and deals on orders.


Although Finejewelers has the most number of products, the items sold the display of each product does not have the close-up toggle option to view the item closer from different points unlike those shown on Bijiju and

All of the three sites do not ship internationally. If you are from outside of the US, you will have to look for another online jewelry store to cater to your orders.

Pricing Comparison on Popular Jewelry Items:
Engagement rings: $39.99 - $20,699.00
Wedding bands: $89.99 - $3,699.00
Bracelets: $14.95 - $12,499.00
Neckwear: $16.99 - $44,999.00
Diamonds: $34.99 -
Engagement rings: $346.42 - $3,443.97
Wedding bands: $344.10 - $1,735.41
Bracelets: $73.55 -$3,582.19
Neckwear: $43.98 - $2,455.62
Diamonds: $79.04 - $3,582.19

Rings: $12.00 - $18.00
Bracelets: $12.00 -$18.00
Neckwear: 14.00 -$32.00

Comparison on Special Offers

Finejewelers offers special discounts on their clearance section all year round apart from their Deal of the Week selections giving customers more savings options. offers designer jewelry sample sales where items are priced 60-70% lower than the retail price. Bijuju offers a Loyalty Program where customers can earn 1 point for every $1 spent on orders.

Comparison on Shipping
Finejewelers: Get free ground shipping on all orders of $49.95 or more.
Bijuju: Standard shipping and handling rate starts at $1.95 Free shipping offered on all orders.

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