Is Jewelry the Best Gift for Women?

When you buy a gift for a woman, nine times out of ten a man cannot go wrong with jewelry. Gold, diamonds or silver, gifting jewelry does evoke that childish happiness and glee on a woman’s face. Yes, maybe not all women love jewelry, but the majority does. This space highlights why jewelry makes the perfect gift for women and why women love jewelry.

It doesn’t matter how much jewelry a woman has, it’s never enough. For women that love jewelry, the craving for exquisite jewels is constant. A man married to a woman who loves jewelry may have that confusing smile constantly on his face, but truth is… in the man’s mind exists a perplexed frown wondering when his woman’s buying spree will end. For women that love jewelry every occasion becomes a reason to buy jewelry. Birthdays and anniversaries are special and so every woman deserves the best on these occasions. And so, many men buy their women jewelry on these occasions.

In some parts of the world women love to buy jewelry for festivals.

Many men buy their women jewelry to attain calm and peace. Men realize… the moment their woman gets jewelry the nagging reduces drastically, which is why jewelry is a safe bet for men. Furthermore, a woman who is gifted jewelry by her man does not complain if her man spends weekends bonding with friends over games and beer. Jewelry in one way or another does fill the minute cracks in a relationship. Yes, the truth is man earns his freedom on weekends through jewelry.

Why women love jewelry

For women jewelry is like a balm, it soothes. The more they have the better they feel, the less they have, the more they want. The reason why women love to wear jewelry is because it accentuates and highlights specific parts of the body beautifully. Furthermore, women love to wear different type of jewelry for various occasions in accordance with their attire. For instance the jewelry worn by women on casual dresses for an informal social event is minimal. The jewelry worn at such event may be expensive but not alarmingly attention-grabbing. For formal events it’s a different story. When an occasion demands formal attire, women do pack a punch with their jewelry. Long earrings, rings, pendants, nose rings, bracelets, and necklaces are exceedingly popular with formal dresses.

What does perplex many men globally is when women buy jewelry for somebody else’s occasion. It’s surprising why women buy jewelry to wear for a friends or relatives wedding, birthday, anniversary, or engagement. Yes, women do want to look their best, but does buying jewelry for such occasions justify that. A man is left utterly speechless as he sees his woman’s eyes light up at the sight of glittering jewelry at a jewelry shop. The only time a man’s  eyes light up is when he takes a look at the price tag of the necklace, earrings, pendant, ring, nose ring, bracelet and other accessories with which women love to adorn their body.

Can a man dwell in peace if he does not gift his woman jewelry?

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