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Antiques are valuable stuffs that are made much earlier the the present. They are desirable because of their rarity, because of their beauty as well as because of their so called personal emotional connection. There are different forms of antiques; tables, chairs, cabinets and different kinds of furniture, rags, paintings, kitchen utensils, jewelries or any other else. The detailed works of the antiques reflects the skill of its craftsmen. Their classical beauty as well as their old age and design or pattern brings the lost years alive. These things that are so called antiques have so much importance today.

Antique Jewelry are nice to have.

These jewelries are already tested through times and they have a high amount of value; but where we can find antique jewelry auction on-line?

There are lots of auctions on-line for antiques where you can find some of these jewels. Among of these sites are the Direct Auction Galleries (, the Henry Brothers Antique Auctions (, the Live Auction Talk (, the Antique Auction ( and the Old and Sold Antiques Auction and Market Place (

The Direct Auction Galleries is located in Chicago Illinois. Accordingly, this is considered as on of the Chicago's leading antiques auctioneer as well as one of the areas leading auction houses.

Aside from jewelries, they also have several varieties of antique collections such as Furniture, Oil paintings, Lighting, Persian Rugs, Glassware and others.

The Henry Brothers Antique Auctions is located at Augusta Georgia; this is a family owned company. This company buys and sells many types of antiques to the public including jewelries. They offer both antique and modern stuffs.

The Live Auction Talk is a site where you can have see several information about the different antiques such as jewelries and others.

The Antique Center are direct importers of different kinds of antiques including jewelries and some other stuff for France and from England.

The Old and Sold Antiques Auction and Marketplace also offers auction on different valuables items including jewelries and others.

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